Halo on 12.5.2016

Went to spot planes close to Helsinki-vantaa airport. There were not so many planes landing anymore, but this halo was beautiful! In the picture 22 degree halo, upper tangent arc and sun dogs.

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Solar eclipse on 20.3.2015

At first, weather didn’t seem to be so good to observe this partial solar eclipse. However, fortunately thin upper cloud didn’t block the sun completely. At the same time there was also 22 degrees halo! Here are some pictures.

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Halos in Järvenpää

This morning, I was scrolling down my Facebook wall and saw that one friend of mine had posted beautiful pictures of a halo. Of course I had to go check if it was still there. Fortunately yes! Here are some pictures I took. Parhelia is taken in the evening, others around midday.



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Halo in Helsinki

Here are some pictures of halo, taken on April 17th, 2014. I was going to pick up my friends from the hotel at Katajanokka, in Helsinki, and suddenly I saw this halo through my car’s window. Unfortunately I had only a mobile phone in my pocket so quality isn’t that good. :)

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OG0A DX-pedition on 3.-6.1.2014

First group, including Pekka, OH2TA; Rami, OH2BCI and me, returned from OH0X station on Monday evening. We made about 6500 QSOs, roughly two thirds on CW and the rest on SSB. Propagation was excellent as the K-index was below one and SFI over 200 most of the time. Low bands, 80- and 160 meters were open quite late on the mornings. Also 12m was open till 15 UTC on Sunday. We had three stations running with K3, FT DX 3000 and FT 5000 radios.

Now second group, Martti, OH2BH; Pertti, OH2PM and Kim, OH6KZP, are there activating OG0A call rest of the week. Hopefully bands will stay open although sun seems to be quite unsteady now. For me this pedition was great experience among others, thanks to all! I enjoyed the pile-ups a lot!

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Going to Brändö

Going to visit OH0X station in Brändö in the following weekend (3.-6.1.). I will run mostly SSB and hopefully try my first RTTY and PSK QSOs! We’ll be operating as OG0A and you may hear us on CW bands as well.

For more information, please check OG0A qrz page.

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